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Imperion Description

Colonize the infinite universe and enter the gate to a new and unknown era. The latest creation by Travian Games is quite different from its predecessors und promises a lot of fun...


The browser game Imperion makes an impression with its detailed graphics, its clear menu structure and its appealing colours.

There are three different races in the online game Imperion: the Terrans, the Titans and the Xen. The Terrans are very adaptable and persistant. They can adjust to any situation. The Titans, on the other hand, place great value on technological development and their defense system. The Xen operate in swarms and reproduce as quickly as insects.

Once you have selected your favourite race in Imperion, you need to come up with a smart strategy. How do you want to lead your species to victory? Very important are the raw materials metal, crystal and deuterium. Try to gain as many resources as possible so you can build, for example, mines, stockyards, civilian and military buildings. These are necessary if you want to expand and colonize other planets.

The browser game Imperion features surprisingly sophisticated graphics and a logical concept. Everything you need is in plain sight. Therefore, you can quickly go on the search for new planets and resources, which you will need to save your people from attackers.

by Kyle Hayth

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